Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse 2017

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Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

Restart your digestive system for maximum health benefits

The digestive system is a delicate creature and is vulnerable to an accumulation of harmful toxins entering the bloodstream. Sense? Weight gain, constipation and diarrhea, bad skin, fatigue, poor immune system. The list goes on.

And this is where you enter

Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse is a natural three-step therapy for the body and, ultimately, for the mind and quality of life.

Unlike most colon cleansing systems, which are basically rough laxatives that put unnecessary strain on the body, Colon Cleanse is different and healthier than just about any colon cleansing product you will find on the market. Consider that:

Intensive Colon Cleanse is a NATURAL process, with nutrients that gently nourish the digestive system
Intensive Colon Cleanse is a gentle and gentle cleansing over a period of ten days

These are important points. Consumers want the dramatic health benefits and results of a comprehensive colon cleansing. And, in fact, those results are numerous and powerful. They include:

  • Less grease storage
  • Reduced constipation and diarrhea
  • Increased metabolism
  • more energy
  • Shining skin

Who among us would not skip the opportunity to "restart" the body, with better digestion, shiny skin, more energy and even a more positive view of life?

Interested minds want the facts surrounding this subject.

No cramps ... loose stools ... or feeling sick
Eating salad

A cleansing that leaves you feeling cramp, sickness and dizziness with soft stools is not good for you.

Aggressive "cleansing" laxatives that remove your colon from everything, including "good bacteria" (your intestinal microflora) DO NOT help improve your digestive health in the long run.

And so Inesive Colon Cleanse from Digestive Science® has been formulated to offer:

  1. A smooth series of natural laxatives that work gradually, during the 10-day program
  2. Elimination of toxins, parasites and bacteria that have accumulated in your colon
  3. Probiotics that promote a healthy balance of your intestinal microflora
  4. A series of vitamins, minerals and herbs that promote healthy colon function
  5. A formulation that helps soothe and cure intestinal inflammation to prevent "leakage of toxins"

And it all starts with this gentle but very effective 10 day Cleanse that is designed to reduce your digestive discomforts while rinsing your colon and soothing inflammation.

There is simply no other cleaning product or treatment program on the market like it ...
Extended more than 10 days, this cleaning works quickly - however, smoothly!

The imbalances that created your digestive health problems have been created over time by issues such as stress, poor diet, antibiotics, lack of exercise, allergies, yeast, fatty acid deficiencies, environmental toxins and more.

So it just makes sense:

These problems will take a little time to solve.

Yes, you can expect to experience significant relief from your symptoms after completing the initial 10-day digestive cleanse by Digestive Science® ...

... With IMMEDIATE benefits that may include weight loss, regular bowel movements without gas or bloating, flatter stomach, increased energy, more radiant skin and more!

However, that is just the beginning.
To Enjoy Very Good Function Of Colon And Digestive Health, You Should ALSO Plan To Take ...
Digestive Probiotic Maximum

You are getting probiotics PLUS Colon Cleanse Intensive, which really should speed up your healthy weight management while you put these good bacteria in your gut!
Plan to take both the intensive colon cleansing supplement AND the maximum digestion probiotic for a minimum of 90 days while your 10 day cleansing is done for optimal colon cure and function!
You have been invited to try it FREE RISK for 90 days!

Still Not Sure Colon Cleanse Intensive By Digestive Science® is Right for You?

So why not take advantage of our RISK-FREE money-back guarantee? Place your order today, and we will give you a full 90 days to use the complete cleaning system at our risk!
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Answers to some common questions:

1. How often should I clean?

For the average person in good health who suffers with occasional digestive problems, a cleansing every 3-6 months is ideal, paired with the daily support of Probiotic + Digestion.

However, if you are suffering with ongoing digestive problems and have seen a doctor remove serious diseases or illnesses, then you could probably benefit from more frequent cleaning - and we especially recommend that you supplement with Probiotic + Digestive Support.

2. Do I need to follow a special diet while I am cleaning?

Yes, you should plan to make some healthy, common-sense modifications to your diet, including: Eat more fruits and veggies. Reduce your consumption of animal fat, sugar, refined grains and salty snacks. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Eat more fish and nuts. And drink lots of water.

Of course, if eating right was EASY, there would be an estimated 60-70 million people suffering from digestive disorders in the United States alone! And that's why we encourage you to consider supplementing with our Probiotics and Digestion Support Program once your 10 day cleanup is complete.

3. I eat healthy now ... Why do I need the probiotic supplement?

Even with the best intentions, our diets often do not contain the recommended daily doses of probiotics, fiber and essential nutrients we need for optimum digestive health.

And if you are suffering with digestion problems right now, chances are you are missing something! The probiotic supplement helps to establish the balance in your gut of the good vs. evil microflora, and let your GI tract work as it is designed to do!

4. What results should I expect?

Simply put, once your 10 day cleanse is complete, you can expect to feel better!

Product Format: A three-step program, including the intensive Colon Cleanse supplement (a ten-day cleaning), Probiotic Digestion Maximum supplement and Daily Digestion Support fiber and nutrient supplement; They combine for a 30 day process.

Target audience: Men and women aged 21 who want the health benefits of a safe and effective colon cleanse.

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